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Before I started working with Carly, I was professionally burned out and anxious about starting a new job. I felt stretched and at breaking point. Working with Carly has completely transformed where I am emotionally and professionally. I am enjoying work and recognise my strengths. I feel clear headed and armed with strategies to keep myself grounded while supporting others and being great at my job. Carly is simply exceptional. She is incredibly passionate about helping her clients. I can honestly say that I never thought I would be at this point, feeling so distant from the person who was struggling a few short months ago and I absolutely owe this to the support I received from Carly. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Emily, NSW, Australia
Before I met Carly I was motivated but not entirely focused on what I wanted to achieve. I felt like I needed to try and do everything, which resulted in spending a lot of energy while at the same time not actually accomplishing much. Carly helped me with real, practical tips and tricks to help guide my day-to-day decision making and professional development. I now have a renewed sense of confidence in myself and in my professional aspirations. I have been able to set and achieve a number of professional development goals which I’m really proud of. I have really enjoyed working with Carly and would highly recommend her as a coach and mentor.
— Sam, NZ
Working with Carly was fantastic. And fun too! She’s one of the best listeners I’ve ever met, both active and compassionate. Completely non-judgmental and committed to your success. She’s also a reliable accountability partner as she works with you in establishing clear goals and the steps that take you there. Carly is a true joy to chat and work with which is why I would recommend her to anyone with a desire for growth.
— David, US
At the start of coaching my satisfaction rating for my career was a 4/10. Nine months later it is a 9/10 and I have had two promotions. I am working in a challenging role, but in a sector that is aligned to my values. It is more challenging than ever but my use of skills and strategies to cope with stress means that I am like a different person and am loving the process rather than being exhausted by it. Coaching with Carly has been instrumental in this process.
— Alana, NT, Australia